Create something to make life sweet.



Here at The Lemon Stand, we pride ourselves on positivity - finding it, creating it, and sharing it. We're glass-half-full people. We believe inspiration is all around us and you'll find it as long as you take the time to stop and look. There are countless reasons to smile and we're here to highlight them through our productions.



Life can be pretty sour between the negative news that floods our in televisions, inboxes, social media feeds, and the daily struggles we all face. Isn't it time that someone gave you a reason to be happy and share that happiness with others?

That's why we exist -
to make life sweet.


We want to produce content that impacts your everyday living, making it positive and purpose-filled. We want you to be inspired to inspire. We believe in simple ideas, not small ones. We want to make happy the new normal - to change the world one dance party at a time.


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